Scrub. Wash. Clean.
My dress is as good as new.
Good enough to seduce you.
But it doesn’t do anything that can’t be done
With a gin and tonic, or two.

Scrub. Wash. Clean.
I don’t remember anymore.
But was it 3 glasses or 4?
I should’ve kept count
Because 4 is 2 more
Than any judge would stand for.

Scrub. Wash. Clean.
My head was pounding but light.
The nurse was kind and polite.
The rotund cop thought his thoughts out loud.
“What were you wearing that night?”

Scrub. Wash. Clean.
Till all of me is pruned.
Till the steam heals all my wounds.
Till all of the soap runs out.
Till no water is left in the spout.
Till I remove the stain of doubt.
Did you say “no”? Are you sure? Why didn’t you just shout?

I became dirty the minute you lifted my skirt.
But nobody cares that you are the dirt.

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