Quiet now
It’s so quiet now
Electricity slushing through the synapses
A train arriving late
But it’s here
No baggage, just a few jokers with a few pills ready for a good time
Do you want to have a good time?

A deer caught in headlights
The frames of my glasses cannot hold the things I’m seeing
Frame by frame slowly appearing
Each holding so much meaning but I’m not paying attention
What should stick will stick

I could be so powerful if I just hung on
Do you ever feel like that?
Did you ever try to hang on and either YOU or IT was too weak and you slipped and it fell just out of reach, mocking you for trying?

I don’t really want to know
This isn’t about you
It’s about me
I’m the centre
I’m the power
I’m the girl headbanging to her latest quick-witted deduction
Only I can make me smile
And it’s been a while
Since I felt like paying attention
It’s beautiful this fog
Clogging the unnecessary

I’ve been so happy in this cage.
I don’t want this to end.
I don’t want to re-engage.

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