If I had to describe you without using analogies…I don’t know how I could achieve that. I can try though. Let’s see.

I can start with your shoulders.
Strong shoulders.
Broad shoulders.
Muscular shoulders.
Wait it’s ok. It’s still only adjectives.
Ok so these shoulders of yours. They remind me of warmth. Not the destructive kind like a forest fire. But the nice kind like a bonfire. The kind of warmth that makes a cold day bearable for a brief moment. Or the kind that is vital for a plant to grow. So when they envelop me or shrug adorably I can’t help but think of some combination of a sunny day, a patch of green grass, a beer in my hand and an adorable black lab with beautiful soft ears.

Have I moved into an analogy? Shit. You do that to me, y’know?
You and your genial eyes that with a single look speak deep running rivers.
It makes a girl quiver.
It takes a while for me to simmer.
And when I do calm down, I hold on to your neck.
My hands like a dry mouth aching to be wet.
I’ve gotta tell you…
…you are so fucking perfect
I could describe you anyhow and still only reach your silhouette.

I know what this is missing.
It’s missing the lyrical sound of music, the rhythm of tap shoes on a wooden floor next to a beautiful harp playing on its own, strings jolted into existence by the vibrations around it.
Can you imagine for a second this tableau?
The tap tap tap?
That’s how it sounds when you speak you know,
It’s like a melodious dam ruptured and spread around me, cushioning my ears in its soft, velvety cadence, spreading inside me like hot chocolate on a rainy day, you make it so hard to stay away.

And I know i’ve broken the rules, and used analogies all the way through.
It’s not that difficult to do.
And if the hardest thing about loving you, is the words i’ve been limited to,
then I’ll move on to the words in Urdu.

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