I’ve stopped at the green door many times. It’s a high quality, high resolution door – unlike everything else in my memory.

I’ve walked past many doors in my life. But I always stop at the green door. I know there is a house behind it but I don’t recognize it. I have, instead, painted on it, my own version of a house. I have very clearly seen this version. Its walls, its angles, its occasionally mud-stained floors, everything.

I have very clearly seen you in it.

You, happy with me.

You, me and our babies.

You, me and our hyperbolic teenage children.

You, me, our grown up kids and their babies.

The cycle is endless but the cycle began with us. I see this door and it erupts into an animation of us.  A homemade video of our lives carefully constructed and unscarred by our actions towards each other. As full of hope as I am full of regret.

I see it all and I play this reel again and again and it all begins with the green door.

Even though I know this is where we had met our end.


9 thoughts on “The Green Door

  1. An emotion filled post . It starts with a door and ends with a door and allows us to peep in the protagonist’s life full of turmoil and fragile hope. am sharing it on my TL.

  2. I love the sucker punch at the end. Do you general keep your short stories under 300? I’ve tried posting 2000 word pieces but I think it’s a futile effort.

    • Thanks for reading, Joel!
      I try to restrict myself to 200-300 words so I learn how to tell an interesting story in as few words. Once I learn that, increasing word count would be easy and meaningful. It’s easy to write 2000 words, it’s difficult to keep someone’s interest for as long. And I don’t want to attempt that yet.

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