Be clueless

Be ashamed

Be shameless

Be so unforgivably bad at it that it makes you want to breakdown and cry


Let those tears dehydrate you – take a water break – repeat

Be the world’s worst

Are you the world’s worst? Good. You’re on your way..

There will be many and perhaps all who know better than you, who ARE better than you. Be brave, Your time will come

Be OKAY with standing upon the bedrock. Everything is built from here. You will be too


Be confused, be confusing, be unabashedly strange

Be lost for words

Be overwhelmed

Be overjoyed

Go overboard

Be overly hyperbolic

Be all the feelings in the dictionary…at least once

And when you have let everything through, be thankful you survived. And make sure you tell someone about it. Everybody wants pointers


Be a fuck-up

Be a piece of shit

Be gratuitous in your display of ineptitude

Be gratuitous with your profanity

Use slang’s in inappropriate settings

Say “fuck” 37 times a day

Fuck 37 times a day

Be ALL of it and then be MORE of it.



Now get better.

Because you WILL get better. It is a natural sequence of events

And the minute you get better, the minute you see the first sign of progress, a wave of retrospection will smack your face

And you will look back, not to all your fuck-ups

But to the point where you decided to be. To the point where you decided to start.


So be.

And Start.

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