“Come here” I said, to my lonely companion

As I looked down into the vast canyon

It stretched below me like an accepting womb

The faint celebration music boomed


“Come along” I said, “I’ve something to show.

Beyond that hill in the distant glow,

The sun’s waiting so patiently,

I’ve decided – it’s waiting for me.”


She took a step forward in order to see

And concurred – it was waiting for me.

The music was there for no one to hear

It grew louder. Yes, it was getting near


The drums were beaten with powerful hands

I couldn’t see it but I did understand

It mirrored the drums inside my own chest

(I reciprocated with synonymous zest)


I looked down again at the floor of the earth

Holding the ashen and the seeds of birth

Nudged by the wind, but never moved

The sun about to sink in its groove


Sat on a cliff, I no longer feared

My lonely companion had long disappeared

She had turned around and had kept walking

I can’t be dead if no one was watching

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