Sometimes, when I catch you looking at me,

With the puzzled expression I’ve come to adore,

I fill up with this wonderful idea that there is perhaps




A chance, that you want to reach out to me,

Shake my body, smack it back to reality as we know it,

And tell me you love me….


But I don’t allow myself to fully explore this.


Because I didn’t bring my parachute, and I didn’t tell my parents how much I love them,

And I didn’t leave instructions for my best friend to take care of my dog,

And I didn’t call in sick at work,

And I can’t just take off of this cliff, hoping to find you at the bottom of it, with a Moon Bounce.


I’m just not prepared for a bad outcome.


In case you change your mind,

In case you want to turn around and just say, “well no thanks”

In case you never did love,

In case my idea was wrong from the very beginning,

In case I failed to grasp the concept,

In case I fell and you just weren’t there.


My mind has surrendered to a million different scenarios,

Each playing on a different reel, all intertwined to form a giant question mark.

You may ask and I will tell you – I don’t know what’s broken, but I think it’s ok to leave it unfixed.


You are not my plumber.


This week I decided to combine two prompts. The first one is L’appel du vide provided by Rarasaur at The Queen Creative. It translates to the “call of the void” and is the inexplicable urge to jump when standing at the edge of the cliff.

The second prompt is provided by Trifecta Writing ChallengeThe word given was “grasp” and the definition we needed to use was “to comprehend.”

Hope you enjoyed reading this. You can read the other entries for both challenges by following the links provided. Thanks!

17 thoughts on “Unfixed

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  2. This describes the uncertainty of love well. I had to smile at the end. Maybe it is okay to leave things unfixed. On the other hand, if you never reach out for the other person, you never know whether they would’ve been there for you or not.

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