Image Copyright – Jennifer Pendergast


With bulging Eyes that were rounder than the moon, blacker than the air around it;

two Rods on her head so straight and strong, they would embarrass her other rod-bearing friends;

Wings that had the “out of bed” disheveled look I have personally craved for my entire life;

Knees unbelievable; I mean UNBELIEVABLE;

Stinger that…well…let’s just say I’ve tried to “hit that”;

All the bees wanted to be her; all the bees wanted to be with her;

Queen Dipteria was the shit.

She’ll be dead soon though.

And don’t feel sad, she had it coming.


This was posted for Roschelle’s Friday Fictioneers! Do check out the other posts for this prompt if you have the time. Each entry is about a 100 words.


24 thoughts on “Kingdom Animalia – Friday Fiction

  1. Murderous jealousy? I associate this with humankind. I wonder. If your Queen Dipteria had been Queen Diptera, the ‘shit’ would have hinted at means of murder. What’s in a name? A lot! Great work.

  2. Oh this is a very cool take on the prompt. So sorry I missed this earlier. Yeah, this bee certainly looks like a queen. No doubt, the envy of all. Well done!

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