One of my first few poems that i’d written much too long ago (long before the original publish date!)

Penniless Prods. Presents

I committed a crime, a brutal crime

and its only a matter of time

before I’ll wish that I could rewind

and not give in to the urges of my mind

and take all those thoughts & put them behind


thoughts that made me such a fiend

I’ll wish that I had only paid heed

to those who knew I’d fail to succeed

in getting away with this heinous deed

and replacing my sanity with hopeless needs


She never ever really had a clue

about what I was going to do

and that I was crazy and mental too

apparently, but I know it can’t be true

crazy people don’t kill unless it was due


unless it was with all the right reasons

unless somebody committed treason

I waited patiently for her to go see him

those 4 hours felt like 4 seasons

head filled with thoughts…

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