Let’s comply

With the billboards

And what they’re saying on the backs of fairness creams

They know you

They get you

Did you know?

Don’t you know?


My name is Jane…Jill..

Whatever it says on my credit card bill

My face is too round

My eyes, not round enough

Im too clever for my own good

She said, walking away in a huff


My home is a house

Unless i fill it with diapers and height marks on the bedroom wall

And douse it with photographs of holidays and happiness

That i can peruse on my flat screen tv

I’ve heard they’re the bee’s knees


Let’s all be told

What we are and what we’re not

It’s important to know

It’s frightening in the dark

It’s important, that glow

That’s there to show us the way

Without it we’re lost


If you dont comply

If you dont bend to

They’l beat you to the floor

Make an example of you

They do mean well

They mean to protect you


You don’t need to bother

No need to search

Philisophy is overrated

What your life means is not that much

Don’t look for rhymes

Coherence must be left untouched


They’ve put up vending machines

On every corner for you

Slip a coin in

Select “personality for two”

5 thoughts on “Personality for Two

  1. This is very good stuff. If you aren’t playing by someone else’s rules, you need to make your own. It’s that fascinating difference between the phrases, ‘freedom from’ and ‘freedom to’. So few us are able to really utilise the latter well. Good emotion and good writing.

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