Slowly she turned her head,

to look at her aged face,

the shiny surface reflected all her grace,

the lines on her skin and the scars of the race

that she had run and had finished last

and all her glory and all her past

came with her, running along, running unmasked


It shone through her smile,

it made her cry,

she was happy her life went by,

she was so happy she began to cry,

she told me of her final wish,

of the one thing that was amiss,

I’d fulfil it, I promised her this.


In dying she gave me the will to live,

one day for her, for you, for me,

this was how she wanted it to be,

living is easy if you’d let it be,

an heir to her spirit and her love,

to her sadness or the lack thereof,

to this beautiful life that she wove.


She handed all of it to me,

So how can I so flippantly

discard it without a second thought?

I had learnt to love,

I just forgot.

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