My future was set.

I was to be married,

my husband was to be rich,

rich and not necessarily kind,

kindness was not something I was to look for,

kindness could be bought and sold.


I was to have kids,

boys preferably,

boys are the future,

boys were to grow up and find girls to be rich for.


I was to keep my in-laws happy,

I was to keep the house tidy,

I was to dream, but not so much that it gets out of control,

not so much that it interferes with my other duties,

like keeping my in-laws happy,

or like keeping the house tidy,

or like bringing up my children,

I was to have an education.

Enough to allow my family the prideful chest that comes with a literate daughter-in-law,

but not so much that I could think better than my life partner,

yet enough to follow instructions.

I was to always walk that line.


My love was to be cultivated,

if I didn’t possess any, I was to learn how to show it.

In the least.

I was to strive to be the peerless wife,

my husband was to be proud of that,

my in-laws were to boast of it,

My love was to be perfect.

His love was subject to his fancy.

His kindness, his mercy were to be considered love.


My life before this was only 13 years long,

My future was before me.

My future was set.

It burns bright,

bright like this fire I must now circle seven times with him.

I hope it doesn’t burn me.

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