So calmly it began,

Like a gentle hush of the sea.

Now it’s washed me over,

My eyes have blinded me.

My head is swimming in anguish,

What else in the world can it be?


Its roaring now, like the wind,

I’ve tried to catch it but failed.

My captain turns to me and says

“Oh boy your ship has sailed!”

My head, it screams in anguish,

This can’t be the end to my tale.


It’s seeped into my body.

It’s left the soul intact.

My mind tells me it’s dying,

As if its a matter of fact.

A final gasp of anguish,

It’s gone, it’s never coming back.


2 thoughts on “My Perfect Storm

  1. Just when I thought that the age of poets was long gone…Beautiful! And I received your mail on my gmail, so it does work. 🙂

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