His misty eyes took in the miracle he had created.


The innocence in those tiny grey eyes would believe every sweet word muttered in its presence. Those sharp ears which would hear everything and understand little. But all of that would change from hereon. As he watched, he swore to fulfill every wish of this living being, promised himself to protect it from all harm. It would be shielded from his recent mistake. As he watched, a strong gush of emotion overcame him which could be destroyed by no one and altered by nothing. It wasn’t happiness and it wasn’t anger. Above all, it wasn’t fear. It was a sense of determination. A new being has come to life and he was determined to protect it, to envelop it with the love he himself never received. He was determined to do whatever it takes to protect it. Even lie for it.


He opened the door, stepped into the bedroom and walked towards her. On close examination, she seemed almost peaceful lying in her bed. Open eyes looking into nothing and tired hands resting by her side. Eyes, which were crystal blue in colour, so much in contrast with the tiny grey ones of the person whose fingers left blue marks around her white neck.


Slowly he made his way back through the open door and stared once again into the mirror above the basin, staring once again into the grey eyes of the murderer he had just created.


Miracle – is it not?


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